Our skills

  • Digital strategy consulting

    Website diagnosis. Online brand presence study and analysis. Content strategy & editorial policy workshops. Executive direction assistance for internet projects. Innovation workshops. Social networks exposure strategy : set-up and deployment. 
  • Architecture

    Arborescence and structural approch for online systems. Editorial contents prioritization and global rewriting on the basis of strategic recommandations. Zoning, wireframes and ergonomic approach. SEO structure recommandations.
  • Design

    Visual identity and online graphic charters. Graphic charter conception and video charter for all web formats. Creation of responsive design interfaces and proposition of front animations creating added value for internet user usability.  
  • Technicals and development

    Technical consulting and recommandations. HTML5/CSS3 integration compatible with the latest versions of internet browsers, W3C validation and accessibility. Front javascript development with jQuery Libraries and Mootools. User-friendly CMS choices. Development of specific, custom-made work tools for our clients based on PHP5 Framework.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Two SEO experts work on each project of the agency. Support, recommandations and delivery of a SEO best practices guidelines booklet.

Founding partners

  • Marie-Laure Brossier

    Marie-Laure BROSSIER

    Producer-manager in the Cultural and Events industry, Marie-Laure Brossier decided in the late 90’s to seize the opportunity to work in the new Internet sector. She joined BDDP TEQUILA INTERACTIVE (now TBWA INTERACTIVE) and was in charge of clients such as Microsoft, Orange, Pernod and Absolut Vodka. In 2005, she founded XOTOX, a creative web agency which brought together an array of precise technical and creative skills. Bouygues Immobilier, La Fondation Nicolas Hulot, Dom Pérignon and many others trusted this young dynamic structure. In 2008, XOTOX was bought over by CRM Company Group and was included in the group as a part of its digital department. In this group, XOTOX participated in the setup of the online CRM platform, especially for the Mars group. At the beginning of 2011, Marie-Laure Brossier and Christopher Wait partnered to create “Mood for Web”.

  • Christopher Wait

    Christopher WAIT

    Technical director and PHP developer, Christopher Wait, a renowned and respected figure in the Internet sector, was nourished from an early age by the set theory. It is then naturally that he joined the very new internet industry and its wide array of possibilities as soon as in 1997. He designs and develops a heap of online systems following standard practice, always keeping in mind his main goal: providing his clients with powerful tools that remain very user-friendly. In 2006, he intervened as technical director on XOTOX’s leading projects : Fondation Nicolas Hulot, Dom Pérignon, Hennessy... This team work was carried on in CRM Company Group from 2008 on… and led in 2011 to the co-founding of Mood for Web.

Contact us

Marie-Laure BROSSIER          Tél : + 33 (0)6 63 02 39 76